Sexism towards men


Now we all have heard about sexism towards women and how we should treat them with respect, but right now I’m going to talk about sexism towards men. As men we are not allowed to sit next to an unaccompanied minor because people think we will try to molest them, but they let strange women sit next to the kids and no one cares. We can’t go to a beach and take pictures of the scenery if there are kids around because others might think we are using taking pictures of the kids and using it for out pedophile pleasures, but when women do it then it’s ok and no one wonders. Men who work with young children are at a all time low because the majority of parents don’t want a guy near their son or daughter. If men do work with kids then they are treated differently then the women and are supervised more. If a guy were to walk into a kids section of a store then everyone will get suspicious and then when a women does the same thing then they leave her alone. There are also gruesome examples of sexism towards, especially during abuses cases where most of the people believe if a woman is hitting her husband then She must be defending herself and it’s the mans fault, no one suspects a woman of being abusive. We hear of sexism all over the news and around out lives but it mainly focuses on the woman’s perspective and blame the men for the sexism. Now if we were to focus on the sexism with men then many people wouldn’t care about it so much as they care about the sexism towards woman. Many people won’t believe that men have it worse then woman, but the truth is there are men who have just as bad and are afraid to let anyone know because men are seen as this strong, in control, dominating species and how we should be on top of our game. As of right now i am currently homeless and trying to get a job working with kids because I feel that it would be best suited for me and yet I still haven’t found a job because people think that if a guy want to be around kids then he’s going to molest them and thats not true for me. I want to be around kids because I believe they can make life better and happier. Many people tell why do I only want to work with kids and not adults and the answer is simple, Adults are boring and kids are more fun and I want job thats fun and one were I’ll be glad to have and that job is working with kids. I once Applied to volunteer as a daycare giver and when I got an e-mail from them it was surprising to me because on the E-mail, it stated that only females 18 and older can work there and if a male was to work there then he had to be accompanied by another female and this confused because did it specify for the male that someone else had to be in the room with him but it didn’t say anything about the female having to be with someone, they are ok if they are left alone with kids and males are not.


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